• Jerry Lankford's Speaker Topics

    • How to Navigate the Maze of Unemployment
    • Career Transitions
    • Marriage: Where it all began and what has gone wrong
    • Marriage Retreat: Fighting for God's Best (Weekend)
    • Depression, Anxiety, and other Challenges
    • Trauma Based Disorders and Dissociation
    • Parenting Adolescents
    • Your Work Matters to God
    • Schema Based Therapy
    • Inner Healing based
    • EMDR
  • Bill Venable's Speaker Topics

    • Sexual Addiction and Struggle
    • Sexual Intimacy in Marriage
    • In the Image of God: Male and Female
    • Stress, Anxiety and Fear
    • Depression in the Bible
    • Depression: The differences between men and women
    • Female Depression
    • Overcoming Depression
    • What is Adequacy in God's Eyes?
    • Understanding demonic spirits and removing them in a relaxed and peaceful fashion
Custom Topics
Upon request, LifeCare Counselors provide custom workshops and presentations on mental health issues. If you would like a special presentation on a specific topic, please contact (919) 851-1527.
Reserve a speaker for your next program: (919) 851-1527

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Christian Counseling

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