Marriage Counseling

Marriage is one of the greatest blessings and responsibilities you will ever be entrusted with. The Lord created marriage carefully and with a deliberate, invaluable design. Healthy, thriving marriages that last a lifetime are the result of hard work, commitment, and growth. Marriage Foundations is the perfect opportunity for you to grasp the value and importance of your marriage while equipping you with the tools needed to cultivate the best marriage possible!

LifeCare therapists often use assessments to help discover areas of difficulties in a couple. Typically we use the Gottman Assessment Inventory or the Prepare/Enrich Inventory. Each has different values and strengths. These assessments allow the couple to get to the heart of their issues quickly and effectively.

Often the issues that bring us to counseling are rooted in problems in other parts of our relationship. For example, a conflict can be caused by a lack of understanding one another's Love Language or the result of different ways of relating based on our family of origin. No matter how long a couple has been married, counseling can be a way to bring about positive change and healing.



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